1st Annual Saluting Marine Dinner

This is not about awareness or field trips for Veterans.
The proceeds of this event will help all Veterans young and old.
Dental Care is a basic need, it will save lives and instill confidence.

Stand 4 Vets is a year old!  

The mission Statement:  To strengthen the bonds among Americans by uniting citizens to improve the quality of life of our Youth, Less Fortunate and our Heroic Veterans.  

Stand 4 Vets believes when you inspire Citizens to be Patriots, that emulates the service of our Veterans!  

One fundraiser has been conducted and the proceeds went to assist a double amputee from Afghanistan!  

There are no paid positions with Stand 4 Vets!  

Tim Chambers the Saluting Marine is a one man working party with his efforts!

He spent the last year supporting other nonprofits helping them raise $100,000's now it is time to focus on his initiatives to help others and do it in a very efficient way!   

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